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Q Drinks
R.E.G. B
Rabbit Punch
Rabbit Stew
Rabid Dog
Rabo de Galo
Race War
Racquet Club Cocktail
Radiator Fluid
Radical One
Raflesia Special
Ragged Company
Raging Bull
Raging Bull#2
Rain Drop
Rain Fall
Rain Forest
Rain Man
Rainbow Express
Rainbow Martini
Ramblin Rose
Ramsen Cooler
Random Cosmic Penarse
Rangoon Ruby
Rape on the Beach
Rasberry Hooter
Rasberry Long Island
Rasberry Urine
Raspberries N Creme
Raspberry Kamakazi
Raspberry Cafe
Raspberry Cosmo
Raspberry Crush
Raspberry Fucker
Raspberry Glow
Raspberry Kamimaze
Raspberry Kiss
Raspberry Margarita
Raspberry Martini
Raspberry Smash
Raspberry Swirl
Raspberry Tea
Raspberry Truffle
Rasta man
Rat Piss
Rattle Snake
Ratty Poo Special
Raymond's Mai-Tai Pitcher
Raz A Rita
Razberry Popsicle
Razz Bull
RazzBerry Beret
Real McCoy Watermelon Cosmopolitan
Real Purple Jesus
Real Sweet Tart
Real Whiskey
Reaper Of Death
Rebel Candy
Rebel Yell
Red 7
Red Alize-mosa
Red Apple
Red Apple Martini
Red Baron
Red Beard
Red Beer
Red Beer Shooter
Red Bull and Vodka
Red Bull double
Red Candy Apple
Red Citrus martini
Red Cloud
Red Corvette
Red Death
Red Death #2
Red Death (orignal)
Red Death#3
Red Devel
Red Devil
Red Devil #2
Red Devil#2
Red Drarf
Red Eye
Red Gin
Red Headed Hoochie Mama
Red Headed Slut
Red Headed Slut #2
Red Headed Slut #3
Red Headed Slut #4
Red Headed Slut #5
Red Headed Step Child
Red Heaven
Red Hot
Red Hot Lover
Red Hot Lover Martini
Red Hot Slut
Red Jack
Red Line Martini
Red Lion Cocktail
Red Lips
Red Lobster for Baby Girl
Red Martini
Red Martini#2
Red Monster
Red Morgan
Red on Red
Red Panties
Red Raider
Red Rita
Red Rooster
Red Rooster (Beer)
Red Rooster#2
Red Rouge
Red Rover
Red Ruby
Red Russian
Red Russian#2
Red Russian#3
Red Scorpion's Sting
Red Silk Panties
Red Snapper
Red Snapper#2
Red Swing
Red Tide
Red Vodka
Red White and Blue
Red White N Blue
Red Wings (Not hockey)
Red Witch
Red Woody
Red Zipper
Red-Headed Slut
Redheaded Slut#6
Red-Headed Stepchild
Redneck Caesar
Redneck Margarita
Redneck Yacht Colada
Reef Enders
Reef Wrecker
Reese's Cup
Reform Cocktail
Regular Patty
Release Valve
Reluctant Green
Renaissance Cocktail
Resolute Cocktail
Rhett Butler Cocktail
Rhode Island Ice Coffee
Rhodes Island
Ricky is a Soccer Boy!
Ricky Martin
Ricky's Best Friend
Rigor Mortis
Rigor Mortis#2
Rim Job
Rimulan Ale
Ring Around the Rosie
Ring Stinger
Ripe Banana
Rising Sun
Rissian Rose
Ritz Fizz
Ritz Pick Me Up
River Rat
River Rat Shot
Road Runner
Roadhouse Tea
Rob Roy
Robert's Espresso Martini
Robin's Nest
Rob's Frozen Pink Hard Lemonade
Rob's Malibu Evening's
Rock Lobster
Rock Lobster#2
Rock Royal
Rock Star
Rockaway Beach
Rocket Fuel
Rocket Fuel#2
Rockstar Rum
Rocky Green Dragon
Rocky Mountain Bear Fucker
Rocky Mountain Mother Fucker
Rocky Mountain Root Beer
Rocky Mountain#2
Rocky Road
Rodriguez Special
Roman Candle
Roman Coffee
Roman Riot
Roman Stinger
Roman's Comfort
Romona Banana
Romulan Ale
Romulan Ale #2
Ron Cacao
Ron Collins
Ron's Banana Daiquiri
Roof Top Judge
Roosevelt Cocktail
Root Beer
Root Beer Fizz
Root Beer Float
Root Beer Float#2
Root Beer Martini
Root Beer River Float
Root Beer Shooter
Rootbeer Bottle Cap
Rootbeer Float
Rootbeer Float (beer)
Rootbeer Float II
Rootbeer Float Shot
Rootbeer Float#2
Rootbeer Float#3
Rootbeer Turbo
Rory O'More
Rosa Passion
Rose Beam
Rose Cocktail (English)
Rose Cocktail (French)
Rose Hall Cocktail
Roselyn Cocktail
Rosey Nipple
Rotten Apple
Rotten Peach
Rouge Martini
Rough Sex
Rough Sex #2
Round Robin
Rowdy Dog
Roxy's Blue Hawaiian
Roy Rogers
Royal Ashley
Royal Bee
Royal Butt
Royal Cocktail
Royal End
Royal Exotic
Royal Fizz
Royal Flush
Royal Fuck
Royal Fuck #2
Royal Iridescence
Royal Kiss
Royal Peach Freeze
Royal Pimms
Royal Punch
Royal Screw
Royal Smile
Rpyal Peach Freeze
RT's Long Island Iced Tea
Rubber Finger
Ruby Cocktail
Ruby Collins
Ruby Fizz
Ruby Raspberry
Ruby Runner
Ruby Slipper
Ruddy Mary
Rudolph's Nose
Rug Burns
Rum and Coca-Cola
Rum Ball
Rum Boogie
Rum Bum
Rum Coconut Fizz
Rum Collins
Rum Cooler
Rum Daiquiri
Rum Daisy
Rum Dubonnet
Rum Fix
Rum Homie
Rum Manhattan
Rum Martini
Rum Milk Punch
Rum Old-Fashioned
Rum Punch
Rum Relaxer
Rum Rickey
Rum Rita
Rum Runner
Rum Runner Ultimate
Rum Runner#2
Rum Runner(Gin)
Rum Screwdriver
Rum Smash
Rum Sour
Rum Swizzle
Rum Tiki
Rumple Fuck (aka: Three Long Years)
Ruptured Duck
Rush Hour
Rushing Remy
Russian Ballet Shooter
Russian Banana
Russian Bear Cocktail
Russian Cocktails
Russian coffee
Russian Coffee Freeze
Russian Defector
Russian Illegal
Russian Kamikaze
Russian Pucker
Russian Pussy
Russian Quaalude
Russian Qualude
Russian Qualude #3
Russian Qualude#2
Russian Rose
Russian Roulette
Russian Roulette#2
Russian Sunrise
Russian Temple
Russian Turkey
Rusty Nail
Rusty Navel
Rusty Spike
Ryans Rush
S Drinks

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