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G Drinks
H G Wells
Haas Too
Haileys Comet
Hair of The Dog
Hair Raiser
Hairy Armpit
Hairy Bitch
Hairy Bunghole
Hairy Bunghole #2
Hairy Coconut
Hairy Navel
Hairy Nipple
Hairy Slut
Hairy Virgin
Haleakala Sunrise
Half Breed
Hall of Fame Sunset
Halley's Comfort
Hallucinating Melon
Hamma Time
Hand Grenada
Hand Grenada #2
Hanky Panky
Happy Cocoa
Happy Drink
Happy Hawaiian
Happy Hour
Happy Watered Ice
Harbor Light
Harbor Lights
Harbor Lights#2
Hard Dick
Hard Fuck Against the Wall With White Stuff in It
Hard Fuck With The Nieghbors Dog
Hard Nipples
Hard On
Hard Tail
Harlem Cocktail
Harley Davidso #3
Harley Davidson
Harry Berry
Harry Denton Martini
Harrys Choice
Hartwick Station
Harvard Cocktail
Harvey Floor Walker
Harvey Wallbanger
Hasty Cocktail
Hat Trick
Hat Trick#2
Haus Bomb
Havana Banana
Havana Club
Havana Cocktail
Havana Cocktail#2
Havana Loco
Havana Side Car
Havana Special
Hawaii Citrus Cooler
Hawaii Sampler
Hawaiian Candy Cane
Hawaiian Cluster Fuck
Hawaiian Cockatil
Hawaiian Cocktail#2
Hawaiian Delight
Hawaiian Gin Cocktail
Hawaiian HAZ-MAT
Hawaiian Headache
Hawaiian Ice Tea
Hawaiian Orange Blossom
Hawaiian Punch
Hawaiian Punch Your Lights out
Hawaiian Punch#2
Hawaiian Punch#3
Hawaiian Screw
Hawaiian Seduction
Hawaiian Sunrise
Hawaiian Sunset
Hawaiian Surfer on Acid
Hawaiian Volcano
Hawaiian Volcano#2
Hawiian Driver
Hawiian Shooter
Hazel Nut
Hazelnut Martini
Hazy Shade of Winter
Head Banger
Head Butt
Headless Horseman
Heart Attack
Heart Breaker
Heart Fixer
Hearts Lime
Heat Wave
Heathcliff Cocktail
Heaven and Hell
Heaven to Hell
Helen Keller Shot
Hell's Fire
Hendersons Cocktail
Hendersons Spark
Hennessy Brown Sugar
Henrys Mint
Hey Baby
Hey Bass Nice Ass
Hey Hey
Hi Ho Cocktail
Hibiscus Margarita
High Flyer Cocktail
High Hat
High Hat#2
High Jamacian Wind
High Roller
High Wired
Highball Cider
Highland Cocktail
Highland Cooler
Highland Fling Cocktail
Highlander Sour
Hightowner Cocktail
Hippie Shack Slushie
Hispanic Russian
Hit and Run
Hoffman House
Hoffman House Fizz
Hold Your Panties to the Side.
Hole In One
Holland house
Holland House Fizz
Hollywood Shooter
Holy Flying Minou Fuck
Holy Moly
Holy Water
Holy Water II
Homestead Cocktail
Honey Bee
Honey Boney
Honey Dew Me
Honeymoon Cocktail
Honeymoon Cocktail#2
Hong Kong Fizz
Hong Kong Phooey Green
Honolulu Cocktail NO 1
Honolulu Hammar
Honolulu Lulu
Honolulu Lulu#2
Honorable Fizz
Hook Up
Hoosier Daddy
Hop Frog
Hop Scotch
Hop Toad
Hop, Skip, and Go Naked
Horne Dog
Horney Donkey
Horney Monkey
Horny Devil
Horny Toad Lips
Horses Neck
Hot and Dirty
Hot Apple
Hot Apple Pie
Hot Apple Pie#2
Hot Banana
Hot Blonde
Hot Buttered Rum
Hot Buttered Snowcone
Hot Carl
Hot Chocolate Strawberry
Hot Damn
Hot Deck
Hot Dream
Hot Flash
Hot Irish Nut
Hot Jizz
Hot Mama
Hot Nickel
Hot Pants
Hot Penis
Hot Peppermint Patty
Hot Pussy
Hot Pussy #2
Hot Rod
Hot Roger
Hot Rose Tamale
Hot Rum Mocha
Hot Sex
Hot Shot
Hot Shot#2
Hot Shot#3
Hot Summer Night
Hot Toddy
Hot Tub
Hot Tub #2
Hot Turlte
Hot Twat
Hotel California
House M.D.
House Pain
House Slut
Houston Hurricane
Hpnotiq Breeze
Hudson Bay
Hugos little left finger
Hula Hoop
Hula Hula Cocktail
Humboldt Ccocktail
Hunter's Cocktail
Hunters Coffee
Huntress Cocktail
Huntsman Cocktail
Hurricane Bob
Hurricane Ethel
Hurricane Leah
Hurts... Dont It
Hyte Delite
I Drinks

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